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Tear-Aid is a unique, clear, self-adhesive film for repairing tears and holes in almost all types of materials. 

Tear-Aid film is extremely durable and very flexible. Tear-Aid doesn't just solve the problem temporarily - it's a durable repair film that's great for use on exposed materials as well as indoors.

Thanks to the Tear-Aid film, you can repair: tents, canvases, rubber (inflatable) boats, umbrellas, raincoats, jackets and bags. Also suitable for aluminium, stainless steel, fiberglass and other materials. Tear-Aid film is available in two versions (type A and type B). Although both versions have the same properties, they are used for different materials. Always clean the material with an alcohol-soaked cloth before applying Tear-Aid.


TYPE B  (PVC/Vinyl only): 
Film is immediately ready for use 100% bond strength after 24 hours


  • repair film 30x7.6 cm
  • 4 alcohol wipes to wipe the surface
  • reinforcing thread