A surfskate is a skateboard for surfing on the street! The special front truck allows movements similar to surfing. The turning dynamics of the surfskate truck allows short and manoeuvrable turns like surfing. Even if you have absolutely nothing to do with surfing: it doesn't matter. The movements are absolutely intuitive and easy to learn. 

A surfskate can be pumped along the road, i.e. driving and building up speed without having to set foot down on the road. This feeling is unique and the movements are not possible with traditional longboards. You can drive around even the tightest corner easy or slalom-like around the obstacles of your path, the moving truck makes it possible. You just need to shift your weight a little bit. 

If you can't wait for the next surf trip, if you want to improve your surf skills or if you are looking for a super fun cruiser, a surf skate is the right choice for you!

The key differences between a longboard and a surfskate are the deck size and the front truck. Longboard decks are longer and wider than surfskates which are typically cruiser decks. Also, surfskate trucks have a special geometry and/or spring-based swivel system for a surf-style turns.

Balance Board improve your stability, coordination, and core strength. Perfect for balance mode with adjustable stops on the back deck to easily train up in different difficulty levels