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Kayak Drain Plug (1pcs)

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- Keep the Kayak Dry. These kayak plugs can be used to plug the drain hole of the ocean kayak, prevent water from penetrating and drain the water from the boat inner, helping to keep it dry while rowing.

- Soft Rubber Material. Made of high-quality soft rubber, with good ductility, the kayak drain plug can be more closely matched with the drain pipe to achieve a better sealing effect, and it is strong and durable. It is suitable for the diameter of the drain pipe to be 3.2 cm or less than 3.2 CM Kayak.

- Easy to Install. The kayak drain plug has good ductility, you can easily stuff them into the kayak drain pipe, and the rubber handle on the top allows you to easily remove it when not in use. As well as the fine thread maintain sealing under high vibration conditions.

- Essential Accessory for Kayaking Enthusiasts. Great replacement accessories for kayak, canoe, fishing boat, inflatable and so on. These bungs drain holes plugs are lightweight, portable, do not take up more space, and are an essential accessory for kayaking enthusiasts.