Electric Bike Funbike E-Compact 3.0

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An e-folder that is second to none!

Funbike E-COMPACT 3.0 is a great proposition for people with a height of 130 cm to 195 cm. E-COMPACT 3.0 is an ideal proposition for people looking for a compact means of transport, easy to use, but with really large possibilities. In its design, the smallest details have been taken care of, thanks to which this e-model gains the favor of the most demanding users. What makes it different? First of all, the Bafang brushless motor mounted in the rear wheel, a capacious 13 Ah lithium-ion battery providing a distance of up to 110 km and the necessary equipment: reliable brakes, rear derailleur, comfortable cushioning and many other elements. See for yourself that this folding electric bike is the perfect option for you!

Folds quickly and takes up very little space

The Funbike COMPACT 3.0 folding electric bike is made of lightweight and damage-resistant aluminum. It weighs only 19 kg, and its maximum load capacity is 125 kg (including the trunk). It can be easily folded, for example in case of need for transport or "parking" in the garage after the season.

Reliable Alloy Promax brakes

Brake shifters are equipped with special braking sensors. How does it work? When the Alloy Promax V-break brake is applied, the engine stops working, which affects safety while driving and the ability to take full control of the vehicle.

A derailleur you'll love

The smooth and efficient Shimano Tourney rear derailleur has 6 gears that you can use not only to climb hills, but also to accelerate your e-bike on a flat road!

LED lighting from the battery

The designers of this electric bike focused on solutions that are brilliant in their simplicity. Such as battery-powered LED lighting, requiring no additional support. Ride at any time of the day or night while staying 100% safe

‎Product Details‎

  • ‎from 110 km‎
Minimum/maximum engine power)
  • ‎250 W/320w
  • 19 kg
‎Maximum speed‎
  • ‎25 kph‎
‎Charging time‎
  • ‎6 - 8 hours‎
‎Wheel size‎
  • 20"
  • ‎24 months‎
‎Cell manufacturer‎
‎Engine brand‎
  • 35 Nm
‎Engine position‎
  • ‎Rear wheel‎
‎Motor voltage‎
  • 36 V
‎Battery type‎
  • Trunk
‎Frame Size‎
  • 14,5"
  • Shimano Tourney
  • ‎folded length 95cm, width 60, height 70‎
‎Battery capacity‎
  • ‎Li-ion 13 Ah/468 Wh 36 V‎
‎Permissible load‎
  • ‎125 kg (including luggage compartment)‎
  • V-break PROMAX ALLOY
  • ‎Aluminium‎
  • WANDA 20 x 2.0
‎Shock absorber‎
  • RST CARVE - front
‎Brake handles‎
  • VELO VLG-709AD3
‎Steering bracket‎
  • FH03W
  • VP-BC73C
  • JOY 751DSE - front
  • ‎6 levels of assistance, 3 driving modes, speedometer and the ability to measure distance in several configurations, walk-assist accelerator with the possibility of driving without pedaling‎