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Parrot life jacket designed for children.

It comes in three sizes: BABY, CHILD, JUNIOR.

The model of a life jacket for a child provides a sense of safety in the water for the youngest. The large and thick collar increases the stability of the child in the water, keeping it in an upright position. Bright color, whistle, and Solas reflective tapes are essential elements that ensure safety during a rescue operation. Fastening: two tapes with buckles, two drawstrings. Crotch straps prevent slipping out of the vest.

Compliance with the PN-EN ISO 12402-04:2007 standard

Children's life jackets have a comfortable crotch strap. On the back of the vest, a handle has been sewn in, which makes it easier to pull the child out of the water.


Size Chest circumference Weight acc. certificate Recommended weight Buoyancy acc. certificate


52 - 58 cm m < 15 kg 3 < m < 15 kg 30N
Child 58 - 76 cm 15 < m < 30 kg 15 < m < 30 kg 40N
Junior (XS) 76 - 86 cm 30 < m < 40 kg 30 < m < 40 kg 50N