KOLIBRI Cleat / Eye-duck anchor

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Eye-duck anchor KOLIBRI is designed to fix the anchor rope. It is installed on the cylinder of an inflatable boat, in a prepared place, by gluing with a special glue for PVC. The main location is the bow of the boat. The anchor rope is fixed in a special groove due to inclined teeth. For proper use, the manufacturer recommends that the rope used be a twisted cord with a diameter of 6 mm or more. Eye-duck anchor COLIBRI can be used on boats of other models made of PVC material.

When replacing elements of Kolibri inflatable boats, use only original spare parts.

- the minimum distance between sponges - 6 mm;
- maximum distance between jaws - 11 mm;
- groove depth - 3 mm.

Dimensions - 235x185x70mm.