Engine Hour Meter (for outboard engines)

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Hour meter with tachometer and service programming function.

The tachometer installed in the counter is a very useful function

allows you to fine-tune the carburetor composition of the fuel-air mixture

you can do it yourself, e.g. after replacing the air filter, etc. accurate

adjusting the mixer composition has a large impact on the maximum performance of the engine.

Another feature that distinguishes it from standard counters is the function

programming service intervals.

You will no longer have to remember to change oil, filters, adjust valves,

replacing the piston etc. now the counter will remind you about it.

The counter also has a RESET function, which allows you to reset the counter at any time.

The counter is designed for 2T and 4T combustion engines

Thanks to the possibility of changing the settings, it is suitable for cooperation with generating ignitions:

* 2 imp./rev.

* 1 imp./rev.

* 1 imp./2 turns

Very easy to install, you only need to wrap 4-5 turns around the high voltage cable.


- RPM: 99990 rpm

- MOTOR HOUR COUNTER: up to 9999.9 mth

Dimensions 50x45x20 mm