Electric bike MTB Ecobike SX3

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MTB bicycle is the best vehicle for riding on not paved surface. They provide good traction on unstable ground and exhibit high durability in difficult conditions. And mountain bikes with electric support make the driving experience even more fun!

Key features

468 - 630 Wh

Battery capacity (Wh)

Battery strength (measured in Wh - watt hours) translates into, among others for the maximum range of the route and duration of the electric bicycle assisted with a fully charged battery

140 km

Maximum range

Specifies the maximum route length you can travel on one battery charge. The distance depends on the rider's weight, terrain difficulty as well as the level of support

23,5 kg

Bike weight

Total weight of all bicycle components - engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bicycles have the lowest weight-power ratio

250 W

Engine power

The power of the electric bicycle's engine translates into the maximum speed to which the engine will assist your ride. Some EcoBike electric bikes have the option of choosing engine power, which allows you to support up to 25, 35 or 45 km / h - depending on the country's traffic regulations


Dimension (LxWxH)
Weight (kg) 25
max. Load 125kg
Autonomy (km) 60-160
Max. assisted speed (km/h) 25
Display LCD C300
Throttle 6km/h
Battery 13-16Ah
Shifter Shimano 7 v
Engine 36v 250w
Motor Power 45Nm
Engine position back
Frame 17 aluminium
Front break Hidraulic
Rear break Hidraulic
Levels of assistance 6
Load time (hours) 4-8