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Renatus Swimming Buoy

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A buoy-board made of plastic has a harness with a buoyancy bead, it is used for belaying while swimming (for people who can swim).
Length about 52 cm

The basic and most economical model of a personal buoy.

The undoubted advantage is the small dimensions and light weight, especially when we need to have, for example, 2, 3 or 4 items in our inventory.

With a volume of 5l, it is a good support for both ADULTS and CHILDREN.

It is a very universal toy, thanks to the comfortable three handles, we can use it to learn swimming, improve swimming techniques and while swimming.

Towed with a usually invisible float, it is an additional indication of our presence in the water for e.g. fast-flowing vessels.

All elements of the set have positive buoyancy.
The line connecting the harness with the buoy does not sink, and thus does not get tangled in the legs.
The bead located on the tow rope allows you to easily attract the buoy, especially when the reach of your hands (children) is small, and also prevents it from getting tangled in your legs.

The wide harness ensures comfort of use, the buckle makes it easy to fasten, and the circumference adjustment is adjusted to the person or the way of strapping.

The most common method of putting on the towing harness by passing it over the shoulder or fastening it at the waist.

Renatus is made of polyethylene - which contributes to a long service life.

Parameters approx .:


5.2 l


4.7 l


51 cm


23.5 cm


12 cm

The minimum circumference of the harness

56 cm

The maximum circumference of the harness

142 cm

Towing cable length

230 cm

Towing cable diameter

0.5 cm