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          The outboard electric motor Bryza 60 is designed to power boats and operate in shallow water. Due to the column strengthened by composite material, the device is resistant to impact and deformation. When working with this type of engine powered by 12V, AGM and GEL batteries with appropriate capacity are the best to choose from (the battery must be able to supply the engine with a current of at least 50-60A). Low weight, easy assembly and quiet operation of the device. All essential engine parts are contained in a compact unit.

Main features:
Extendable handle feat. forward/reverse option/speed control
5 forward/ 3 reverse speed
3 blade propeller
LED display showing the voltage of battery (W)
Powered by AGM/GEL battery
Column strengthened by composite material
Quick and light installation
Quiet work
Usage of product: Motor boats, Fishing boats, Sailing boats

Technical data:
Power 700W +-3%
Power voltage 12VDC
Max current 60A +-3%
Weight 10kg
Dimension/Weight 116/38/18cm / 10,5kg