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The SMART 6V / 12V 15A A16 rectifier is the first battery charger on the market with a microprocessor control and control system in PWM technology with the possibility of charging batteries up to 6V and 12V and the possibility of choosing non-standard types of battery voltage. Thanks to the intelligent setting of parameters, it allows for the regeneration of a discharged battery.

The most important features:
Automatic charger designed to charge 6V and 12V VRLA lead-acid car batteries (AGM and GEL).
Continuous system test and charging switching in 4 modes (Constant Voltage; Constant Current; Trickle Charge Modulation; Floating Charge Modulation) regenerating the battery.
Multi-stage battery protection, thanks to the use of an advanced microcomputer management system.
Pulse width modulation (PWM) technology that allows the battery to be charged automatically in a 4-stage charging cycle.
Guarantee that the batteries will not be damaged even in the event of sulphation of the batteries, lack of gas or loss of electrolyte.

Intelligent working modes

Constant Voltage: Use a DC voltage to charge the battery by checking that the charging current is not too high by reducing it during the process.
Constant Current: Means that the battery voltage is lower than the set voltage of the charger, but the charger will maintain a constant current to charge the battery.
Trickle Charge Modulation: When the battery voltage approaches the set voltage and the charging current is low to the set current, it will switch to floating charge modulation. This means that the battery is charged, but is constantly checked for voltage drops and recharged automatically with alternating current.
Floating Charge Modulation: This mode will keep the battery fully charged.

Protective functions

Overheating protection: When the charger temperature exceeds 150 ° C, the charger will stop charging. When the temperature drops to 80 ° C or the charger is turned off for approx. 10 minutes, the battery can be charged again after this time.
Intelligent protection: The charger will only start the charging process when a properly connected battery is detected.
Reverse-connecting protection: If a reverse-polarity of the battery connection is detected (plus (+) and minus (-) connected, the charger will stop charging. Charging will start again when the battery is connected correctly.

The charging process

The charging process of the rectifier is based on the impulse charging system - charging for 5 seconds, then interrupting the charging for 1 second, causes that most of the oxygen generated during charging becomes the electrolyte. This method not only reduces the formation of gases, but the rectifier can also repair the sulphated battery.
When the charging indicator shows 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, it shows the battery percentage:
Flashing - when the battery capacity becomes too low, the charger on the display will warn about the insufficient voltage by flashing. After the charger has repaired the battery, it will display the normal charge level again.
The rectifier itself automatically detects the battery voltage, whether it is 6V or 12V. The "Charging mode (AUTO / MOTORCYCLE)" switch is used to change the charging current. AUTO for high capacity batteries, MOTORCYCLE for low capacity batteries.


Technical specifications:

Charging current


Input voltage

Output voltage 6V/12V
Power 250W
The frequency of the input voltage 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature     -30°C do +50°C
Dimensions 17,5cm/13,5cm/7,5cm
Product weight 0,99kg
Protection class IP 20
Charging voltage 6V(2±7,4V)12V(8V±14,5V)